Renovation in Valley Point

15 August 2014

If you’re in Fraser Suites, office tower or in the bus stop:

walk your way to the front side of the building,

At the main driveway you’ll find a signage for direction

Terence’s kettlebell class

10 August 2014

All kettlebell classes

from 17th til the 24th of August

will temporarily changed to VF(all)60

VIP deal

8 August 2014

365 top up extended

for $365.00 ONLY

unlimited yoga and pilates

yoga for the people

18 May 2014

1 week trial package

for $1.00 ONLY

unlimited yoga and pilates


Go Green

21 July 2014

Affinity Yoga

supports green earth

2 towels per student per class(F.O.C.)

additional towel is $1.00

advanced asana workshop

18 May 2014

Advanced Asana workshop

with Fjorenca Bojaxhi

every 2nd weekend of the month


Salute the sun

4 April 2014

Sun Salutations Workshop

with Kristin Lewis

23 AUGUST 2014